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Ever since Christopher and I welcomed our sweet baby Chandler earlier last year, maternity sessions have held a new place in my heart. I love chatting with the moms to be about all of the things to look forward to! The things I wish I could go back and soak up more of and the feeling of holding your sweet baby in the middle of the night. It feels like I have a new perspective on how to photograph maternity sessions!

I met Kat + Adam through my husband! Kat and my husband, Christopher, are involved in a group called Honor361 dedicated to helping and honoring Veterans in the crossroads. Chris would always brag about what a gift it was to have Kat in the group of men that are on the board of Honor361 and when I met her myself- I knew all of those positive remarks Chris made were true!

Kat is such a sweet and welcoming person and when I finally saw her and Adam together is was clear why they found each other. They are so perfect together! They are such a genuine pair and being in their presence is always joyful. They are welcoming their very first baby and she is a girl!

Now for many who know me, know I LOVE a good black and white photo. You will be surprised to read I featured only TWO black and white photos! I know. *And, no. I’m not sick!* I just couldn’t black and white these images because they are so colorful and full of culture/life! Kat wore a necklace that her mother gave her after she and Adam announced that they were pregnant. The pendant is the pregnant mother, Mary, of baby Jesus. Kat also chose her second outfit because it was symbolic of her culture and reminded her of her grandmother!

I love when clients add personal touches to their sessions that make them special to them! Kat + Adam, you have the best times in your life around the corner. I am so excited for you and hope that you will bring these photographs out someday to share with Eleanor!

Around this time when I was photographing Kat alone and she was in front of the camera- I could hear Adam off to the side say to himself, “She is so beautiful!” I mean how insanely sweet is that?

Would you just look at her? She’s GLOWING!

Venue: Presidio- La Bahia

MUA: Natasha Harris

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