Pohl Wedding


This was a wedding so excitedly anticipated by everyone! Matthew and Veronica are truly the sweetest pair. I remember back when I shot their engagements Matthew just catered to Veronica in the kindest ways. Brushing her hair off her shoulder, holding her hand in between location changes and always willing to let her pick which side she stands on! *Us girls, we all have that side we loved photographed! Ammi right?*

Their day started off with some rain but neither Matthew or Veronica let that hinder the excitement of their big day! They both nervously prepped for the ceremony on opposite sides of the church and you just knew that it was going to be something sweet. This wedding ceremony was especially tear jerking for me because I have a step-son! Veronica has an 11 year old son who walked her down the aisle to hand her off to his new step-dad. It was so special seeing a family coming together in marriage. I mean when Veronica hugged James and then handed her off- I had to hold it together. It was honestly… amazing!

They celebrated the day with their closest friends and family! There wasn’t one person who didn’t have a fun spirit about them. It’s just so awesome to be surrounded by such a great group of people for my first wedding of the 2020 year!

Congrats to Veronica + Matthew! I wish you everything good in marriage. May you continue to grow your family and live the happiest life.

Veronica and her son James shared a first look… HOW SWEET! *try not to cry*

This might just be one of my absolute favorite photos I’ve taken… ever! Here is sweet James waiting so patiently to walk his momma down the aisle.

Their first portrait as a married couple!

Their first *FAMILY* portrait! And, truly, what an honor it is to be the one to have photographed it for them.

Off to the reception to celebrate!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pohl!

This is my favorite garter catch EVER! Lol. Has anyone told him what happens after he catches that?

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Pohl! …and James! Thank you for choosing me to get to know you and to photograph a very important life event. XOXO

Dress: Jade & Madalynn Bridal Boutique

Church: The Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory

Hair: Katherine Barron Appelt

MUA: Yurim Cabrera Makeup Artistry

Florals: HEB Blooms

Reception: Knights of Columbus

Cake: Dolled Up Cakes by Kelley

Caterer: Paul & Brandi Orsak

DJ: DJ “El Rey” Ray Fuentez Jr.

Photobooth: Snaptastic Selfies

Photographer: Heather Crump Photography

Second Shooter/Assistant: Chelsea Woolsey

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