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  1. Hi Heather Crump.
    I wanted to say you did a fantastic job and went above & beyond to capture every detail laid out in perfect order you were able to show the true love that Stephanie & Jonathon have for each other & there family & friends, as a father you want the best in life while wishing the right Man comes along & sweeps her off her feet & protecting her in all situations. I know in my heart Jonathon will do just that & I gave my Daughters hand knowing she chose well, I am so very proud of them both & the sky’s the limit for a wonderful life together.
    Thank you Heather for capturing this moment God bless the couple with best wishes for the future & God bless everyone
    Richard Rosbottom.

    • Heather Crump says:

      What a beautiful sentiment! You raised a very loving and caring daughter and I have no doubt they will live many many happy years together. Thank you so much for the sweet remarks! I had such a great time with everyone and am so glad to have been a part of it all.

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