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The Urban wedding y’all! It was perfect! So many amazing moments were had and maybe a few tears too… ok lots of tears. Stephanie + Jonathon got married on a breezy October afternoon with their closest family and best friends there to support them. They had a gorgeous bunch! Everyone was so beautiful and joyous.

The morning started out downtown with the girls glamming up for the big day! They sipped mimosas in their matching robes and shared stories from past girl’s trips. I think my favorite story was the one where they went to Louisiana and got matching ankle tattoos. Stephanie has a group of really wonderful friends! These girls have been together for years. Good friends like that are hard to come by and it was truly special to see how close Stephanie and her girls were.

On the other side of Victoria, Tx Jonathon and his guys were getting ready! Hanging out and shooting some pool- doing what guys do best. And having a few beers too! Stephanie and Jonathon’s pups sure were interested in all of the commotion. Little did they know that their parents were off to get married soon!

Back downtown we headed over to a gorgeous scenic downtown spot for bridal party photos! Taking these girls pictures was literally a *blast*. I’ve had photo sessions with most of her bridesmaids so they know the drill. They giggled, they posed, and they SLAYED. It was so cool to have so many HCP clients in one wedding.

Now something that I don’t think many, if any, photographers can say they have done for their bride happened after wedding party formals! I drove Stephanie to her wedding! Yes! You read that right. I had the honor of driving my bride to her ceremony. We giggled and took a quick selfie to remember that moment. I can definitely say it was a first for me and I am glad it was you Steph!

We arrived at the beautiful Tin Spur Ranch and patiently awaiting the couple were their eager guests! It think everyone was ready to see Stephanie and Jonathon tie the knot. If you don’t know them- they had been dating for 8 years and everyone just knew it was a matter of when these two would get married!

They had such a genuine wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Jonathon locked eyes and you could just see on their faces the anticipation. You could clearly tell this was a moment they both had dreamed about. Standing before each other and making their dream to be married come true! There was a very special hand prayer that was said during their ceremony that just had everyone teary eyed. As a married woman myself hearing that prayer reminded me how special it is to take someone’s hand in marriage. Jonathon was prayed over- that his hands be hands that nurture Stephanie in old age, work hard to provide for their family and comfort their children. Stephanie was prayed over- that her hands be that of a wife and mother. Her hands would one day soothe their children to sleep, prepare hundreds of meals and wash tons of dishes. All this was said to serve as a reminder to one another that THEY were each other’s forevers.

And once again Stephanie showed off what a JOYOUS person she is! When she and Jonathon were pronounced husband and wife Stephanie did a little dance. Raising her hands in the air and celebrating that she was FINALLY AN URBAN! Jonathon did not hold back- he embraced his new wife and planted a sweet ole kiss on her.

It was party time after that! They cut cake, laughed, hugged their closest friends/family and danced the night away. Now October 19, 2019 was not only the day Jonathon and Stephanie got married but also the day the Astros were playing for their spot in the world series! Stephanie and Jonathon are HUGE Astros fans- there might or might not have been the game streaming live from a laptop over by the DJ booth.

I think everyone in attendance would agree with me when I say that Stephanie and Jonathon are truly a match made in heaven. I really love Stephanie and Jonathon together. They are such awesome people separately but together they are a gift to know and love!

Stephanie and Jonathon may your wedding photos always remind you of what a perfect day it was. I hope that they are photos you share with generations to come! I wish you many many MANY years of wedding bliss.

Right after this photo he pronounced them husband and wife and Stephanie did her little dance!
Proud mom moment right here! You can see that Shaye is so proud of her boys. Now that I am a mom of two I pray that my boys have the bond that Jonathon and his best man and brother, Cole, do!
Stephanie shared a special dance with all of the important men in her life!
Now when I say jaws hit the floor- JAWS HIT THE FLOOR! Jonathon surprised us all with his Magic Mike moves. Please note Jonathon’s mom covering her eyes in the background- too funny!

Stephanie and Jonathon, I hope you are enjoying Cabo right now! Thank you for including me in such an amazing day. XOXO

Hair: Tammy Kubenka

MUA: Makeup By Kaelly

Dress: All About The Dress

Tux: Al’s Formal Wear

Venue: Tin Spur Ranch

Day of Coordinator: Wendy Wiley-Dunnam

Cakes: Love Bird Cakes

Caterer: Werner’s Catering

DJ: Shane & Renne Total Entertainment LLC

Photo Booth: Monkey Booth Pics

Photos: Heather Crump Photography

Videographer: Videography by Henry

It wouldn’t have been complete without a picture with my HCP gals!

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  1. Hi Heather Crump.
    I wanted to say you did a fantastic job and went above & beyond to capture every detail laid out in perfect order you were able to show the true love that Stephanie & Jonathon have for each other & there family & friends, as a father you want the best in life while wishing the right Man comes along & sweeps her off her feet & protecting her in all situations. I know in my heart Jonathon will do just that & I gave my Daughters hand knowing she chose well, I am so very proud of them both & the sky’s the limit for a wonderful life together.
    Thank you Heather for capturing this moment God bless the couple with best wishes for the future & God bless everyone
    Richard Rosbottom.

    • Heather Crump says:

      What a beautiful sentiment! You raised a very loving and caring daughter and I have no doubt they will live many many happy years together. Thank you so much for the sweet remarks! I had such a great time with everyone and am so glad to have been a part of it all.

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